Citizenship and Participation

The Media space where members of the public can participate in political debate is ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’. This show is a talk show where members of the public can contribute advice and opinions on other members of the public’s problems and lives. The public can do this by applying to be in the audience of the show and thus be able to offer their thoughts on each case. Many members of the public enjoy offering their help to others and feel empowered through this. However, many other members may feel that the show exploits people’s problems and issues and that it should not be shown on television as entertainment. Although there are members of the show’s team who work with the contestants to help solve their problems and give them the help and advice they need.

The way I think ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ influences decisions is by affecting the contestants on the show. Hopefully after the debate has taken place on the issues in their lives, the contestant will make sensible decisions on how to improve their situation. However, this is a television programme made for entertainment and to extent of help that the contestants receive is debatable.

‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ does not involve as much public debate as some other shows, as it is many all about Jeremy Kyle, however, I feel it does show differences of public opinions and debates between audience members and the contestants as well as the man himself. I was disappointed by the website as it has no forums for users to have debates and discuss issues which have arisen in the shows. This would improve the opportunity for participating in political debate. However, all in all the audiences participate in the show and give their advice and help to the contestants who sometimes argue back and other times take the advice.


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